What are the unique features of a whippet?

Thinking of getting a whippet? They say that they have a friendly personality yet they show great enthusiasm when it comes to sporting. You will see the same dog become the perfect couch potato – spending countless hours under the blankets yet still show unapparelled athleticism when in the yard. They love games and won’t hesitate to show short bursts of energy if need be. Here are four unique features of whippets.

1. They’re never aggressive
Whippets are great pets for families with young kids. As household pets, they’re sweet, gentle and docile. They love to snuggle up in cosy mats and chairs and are playful around kids. Generally speaking, they are quiet pets and rarely bark at neighbours or become overly excited whenever you’re hosting guests. They’re different outdoors altogether. They come to life as soon as they step on the ground. You will notice the mood shift. They never change their disposition to the master (or other people) but won’t think twice about chasing a squirrel. They hunt anything.

2. They hate cats
They were naturally bred for hunting and racing. Perhaps this explains why their hunting instincts kick in when they see cats. They have a high prey affinity. Even though they’re great household pets and loyal to their masters, they’re never friendly to cats. They have a competitive spirit and will never hesitate to engage cats in fights and chases. Since time immemorial, they have been known to chase small household pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits. Perhaps you should consider this before bringing one to your home.

3. Love Racing
Biologically speaking, Whippets are miniature Italian greyhounds. the Layman will often confuse these two breeds and it’s forgivable. They have a slender body that signifies speed, enthusiasm and balance. They’re a versatile breed and will clock 35 mph when chasing mechanical lures. Just like all other sighthounds, they’re impressively fast. They specialize in chasing down prey (or bait) and will never give up.
When hunting, they ensure that the prey is within their line of sight at all times – keeping their eyes glazed on the prize. They have a large chest that hosts an incredibly strong heart and large lungs. This is how they manage to run so fast. They’re able to achieve large strides due to their long legs

4. Mischievous
Even though they’re calm and undemanding, they’re never shy of showing their mischievous side. They often insist on enjoying the luxury of furniture. They’ll never lie on a rag as long as there’s a cosy couch nearby. They won’t hesitate to jump on the kitchen counter either. When young, they love to tear up everything in sight. I’ve seen whippet puppies tearing up sofa cushions to make them comfortable countless times. These puppies are very naughty (and playful). Don’t leave them unattended in your living room lest you come home to a nasty surprise.

However, they’re more delicate around children than they appear. They gentle when playing with children. You can leave them unattended and still have peace of mind. We’re not implying that they’re a replacement to the bedsitter though.









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