Similar Breeds

The Whippet breed itself was known as the “poachers dog” because of its ability to chase fast prey, due to its powerful capabilities as one of the fastest dogs it was no surprise it was introduced into the racing world. Nowadays the Whippet is more commonly known for its unique nature, friendly personality and sleek look. Becoming a more frequently used therapy dog because of these traits and their obedience makes them a loving dog help look after you.

Today  we are going to advise you on some other breeds of dogs that are similar to the Whippet, as maybe you are looking for something slightly different but with the some of the same features and mindset of the Whippet.

Top Choices Of Alternative Breeds:
• The Greyhound – not only known for their incredible speed, but they are also known to be a family dog lovable, sweet and charming. They are also one of the oldest breeds of dog known to man, originally from Great Britain, this dogs usually weigh in between 60-70 pounds and live an average of 10-13 years.
• Afghan Hound – maybe not overly similar due to its coat but this glamorous breed is a great show dog and born hunter, with the same frame and mentality as a Whippet this really is that something different. The Afghan Hound weighs in similarly to a Whippet at 50-60 pounds and a lifespan of 12-18 years.
• Borzoi – the Russian equivalent to the Whippet, this dog is quick. Bred strictly for its endurance and speed these dogs can run, they are very athletic, gracefully and elegant. They can grow between 60-105 pounds and live an average of 9-14 years. Additionally, these dogs are known to rarely bark and great with kids.
• Rhodesian Ridgeback – also known as the “African Lion Dog” this breed has a stamina unmeasurable to other dogs, known for keeping lions at bay in the African plains this dog is perfect for athletes that go out for runs every day. As with a dog that can run at he the same pace as a horse it does require its exercise. Average weigh-in is 70-85 pounds and an average lifespan of 10-12 years.
• Salukis – Originally from the Middle East and buried with some of the oldest members of Egyptian royalty this dog was desirable for the wealthy in the ancient times. Born with larger hearts than most other breeds this dog is capable of running many further distances but is still just as lovable as a family pet. The average weight of 40-65 pounds and living an average life of 10-17 years this is a true loyal family dog.

Obviously there are still other breeds of dog similar to the Whippet but personally, this is my top 5 favorite they work both as loving family pets and have the build and mental capabilities of a fast running working dog. Please remember to always take care when choosing to bring a dog into your life as it is a big commitment, especially if you are looking at these breed types as they love to get out the house and run free and if you can’t offer that maybe look at a different type.



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