Common Health Problems

Even though the average, well-looked-after whippet doesn’t get sick often, you can minimize these incidences by taking good care of your furry friend. Just like all other small dog breeds – whippets are known to be great at hiding pain. As a dog owner, you’re tasked with checking him regularly. This raises one issue – you need to know what to look out for first. Here are four health problems common to whippets. And they often go unnoticed.

1. Vomiting
Who said that nausea is only for humans? It hits dogs hard too. Till today, we’ve never understood why whippets go back and lick their vomit but this works against them. We may fail to notice that they’re not feeling well. The typical dog eats grass after getting stomach upsets in an attempt to induce vomiting. There’s no cause for alarm when you see him vomiting once or twice. Call the vet whenever you notice blood in the vomit. Again, seek professional help when you notice that this vomit is accompanied by diarrhea.

2. Diarrhea As we all know, dogs will eat just about anything – whether it moves or doesn’t. Perhaps this why they’re often hit hard by diarrhea. Just like vomiting, diarrhea should subside in a day (or a maximum of two). Visit the pet when it extends to the third day. Whippets are naturally curious and they spend most of their time scavenging. When you notice that he has diarrhea and isn’t as energetic as he normally is, this may be due to bacterial infection or gut disorders. There are a few studies suggesting that diarrhea in dogs may be linked to cancer but these studies are still in their infancy. We cannot draw conclusive results. PRO TIP: Give your dog white rice and boiled chicken breast for faster recovery from diarrhea.

3. Fleas
As a pet owner, you have two jobs feeding him and keeping him itch-free. Preventing flea attacks falls into the latter category. Eradicating fleas is an uphill task, I won’t lie. Save yourself the hassle and prevent them. Don’t you know that it’s easier to prevent something than to cure it? Flea prevention is a lot easier. (You’re actually doing it without knowing). You’re good to go as long as you keep the grass in your yard short and you. How will they get to your dog if they’re not in your yard? Think about it.


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